Celebrations marking the Kings 87th Birthday

Bangkok – Thailand will commemorate H.M. the King’s 87th Birthday Anniversary on 5 December, with nationwide celebrations highlighting the progress of the country under the benevolent reign of the world’s longest reigning monarch.

Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha will lead members of his Cabinet and senior officials of the Royal Thai Government and private business sector leaders in a ceremony to salute HM the King’s achievements. The theme for all of this year’s events is “Love Father” (HM the King).

Most of the activities will take place between 30 November – 6 December, 2014, in the vicinity of Sanam Luang and the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Various other activities will be held all over the country, primarily in the area of official administrative head offices of each province. All the major events, such as the official salute on 5 December, will also be broadcast live on nationwide TV.

Visitors are welcome in all the public areas to participate in paying tribute to one of the world’s great leaders.

There will be a total of nine activities:

1.     Saluting HM the King at Sanam Luang.

2.     Special exhibitions in a multimedia system called “Anake Phrakan Ngan Khong Pho” (displaying various aspects of HM the King’s works) categorised into four groups: Human Security, Quality of Life, the Environment and Sufficiency Economy.

3.     Live exhibitions by 25 ministries and public sector agencies of successful projects that have generated positive benefits for the Thai people.

4.     Multi-media, light-and-sound presentation on “Thoed Rachan Kirk Fa Khong Sakon”, showing the value and importance of Thai history, prosperity, peace and stability, especially the bonds between “father and children” (HM the King and the Thai people).

5.     Formal events on the “Chalerm Prakiat” main stage include the ceremonial salute, cultural shows and performances by various famous Thai and international artists, superstars and singers.

6.     “Charm of the Cultural Path” and “Delicious Food in Bangkok”: Ministry of Culture will present exhibitions and performances highlighting the joy of life in Thailand, local products and food, folk performances and cultural heritage.

7.     “Tracing of Loving the Father’s Path”: Visitors will be issued a “passport” and can follow a path that will take them to all the various events where they can have the “passport” stamped. Those who get all the stamps will receive a special “Love Father” T-shirt free of charge.

8.     Nationwide exhibitions featuring the sufficiency economy philosophy: Department of Local Administration will showcase successful projects implemented under HM the King’s guidelines to develop local products, souvenirs and indigenous wisdom.

9.     Stage events on the theme of “Joyfulness throughout Thailand:” Performances from all over the country will focus on the happiness of the Thai people under the benevolent reign of HM the King.

The Prime Minister’s Office has coordinated with all government agencies to organise the traffic flow, security and provision of municipal services for the thousands of people who are expected to join the events.

Visitors are welcome to participate in these unique and joyous events. Please bring along your mobile devices and spread the message with impressive photos via social media.