Carsharing in China: A Contri- bution to Urban Transport?

Beijing – While the impact of carsharing on urban transport and the environment is gaining growing importance on an international scale, Chinese carsharing activities are still in an initial phase.

Since comprehensive large-scale carsharing systems could contribute to the sustainable development of China’s urban transport sector, the GIZ Working Paper “Carsharing in China – A Contribution to Sustainable Urban Transport?”, prepared and published by the Sino-German Cooperation Project on Electro-Mobility and Climate Protection (implemented on behalf of BMUB), aims to raise the overall awareness of this mobility service as well as to give an insight into the functionality, the positive impact and the feasibility of carsharing services in China. Moreover, this paper provides local authorities with strategies and good practice guidance to promote the development of carsharing.

The paper is available for download in Chinese and English language here. – Source: GIZ