“Beautiful China – 2014 Year of Smart Travel” website launched

Beijing – China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) has several new developments in the works, including the 2014 theme for the promotion of travel to China and a new website.

The official theme for CNTA’s 2014 campaign around the globe is “Beautiful China – 2014 Year of Smart Travel,” which speaks to the efforts China has made to use technology to make visiting China even more navigable and enjoyable. Special events and promotions will take place throughout 2014 to emphasize this theme.

The new website can be viewed at www.travelchina.gov.cn and serves as the official website for China tourism promotion throughout the world. The website is currently in English and Chinese, but will eventually be offered in multiple languages to include French, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and other languages. The new site is rich with content, from geographic and activity information about what to see and do in China, as well as interactive trip planning. In the near future, the website will also be updated for smartphones, tablets and other mobile platforms.

A launching ceremony was recently held in Beijing to celebrate the “Beautiful China – 2014 Year of Smart Travel” theme and the new website. CNTA Vice President Du Jiang officiated the ceremony. Source: traveldailynews