Bali: Dengue fever on the rise

Denpasar – The rainy season in Bali has begun to have an impact on health around the island with a number of private hospitals in Denpasar becoming overwhelmed with dengue fever patients.

When asked, officers in private hospitals, Surya Husada and Medical Bali, refused to give confirmation because of bureaucratic reasons.

However, some patients newly hospitalized at Medical Bali on Mahendradatta Road, Denpasar said that the number of dengue fever patients in the hospital had exploded.

Head of Public Relations at the Denpasar government, Ida Bagus Rahoela, when asked acknowledged the increasing number of patients with dengue fever in Denpasar, but according to Rahoela, the increase is not too sharp. “There is an increase, but not too much,” he said.

According to Rahoela, the rainy season is one of the main reasons for the incidence of dengue fever attacks but it also happens everywhere and at all times. That said another reason is because there are people who are not disciplined in maintaining health and environmental hygiene.

The government, said Rahoela, has tried to improve drainage, to avoid puddles, invited the public to maintain cleanliness and the government has also conducted fogging or spraying in areas prone suspected dengue fever. Source: beatmag