94 percent of travelers bring gadgets on vacation

New York – No matter where Americans travel this summer, their gadgets will be in tow. According to a national Consumer Reports survey, 94 percent of adult travelers bring electronic devices with them on vacation. CR’s new Gadgets to Go report, available online at ConsumerReports.org, and in the August issue of Consumer Reports, features expert advice on the best mobile devices and apps for travel.

Americans take an average three devices with them on vacation, according to CR’s survey. Among the most common gadgets:

Smart phone (63 percent)
Laptop (51 percent)
Digital camera (50 percent)
Headphones (48 percent)
Tablet or e-book reader (39 percent)
GPS device (37 percent)
iPod or other MP3 player (32 percent)
Action cam (7 percent)

“Which gadgets are best to bring on vacation depends on the destination and the activities,” said Glenn Derene, Electronics Editor for Consumer Reports. “If memorable photos are important, for instance, you should consider toting a dedicated camera with a decent optical zoom and image stabilizers, features not found on many smart phones. Our report highlights 30 mobile devices – plus apps and tips that can make a vacation even more enjoyable.”

Consumer Reports has the following tips for getting gadgets ready for the road:

Be careful when flying. Nine percent of vacationers CR surveyed said their laptop, tablet, or digital camera was damaged in checked baggage, and 6 percent said it was lost or stolen. Also, 6 percent said it was damaged in overhead bins. Put devices in padded cases and cushion them in sweatshirts or other soft items.

Using your phone for streaming and as a Wi-Fi hot spot could cause overages. Up the data allowance by a few GBs for the vacation month ($10 to $30). Switch back to your old plan after the trip.
Overseas phone and data plans can be pricey. Check with your carrier to see what options exist. Or buy a disposable phone at your destination. You can be sure the disposable phone will work there, and calls home might be cheaper. Source: traveldailynews