Malaysian minister: Preliminary report of MH370 to be released

MH370 SearchKuala Lumpur – Malaysia is scheduled to release a preliminary report on missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 this Thursday. The country says it will not hold a press conference on the report, but will instead issue a press statement. The report comes more than seven weeks after the plane vanished with 239 people on board.

Malaysian acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, said the report would be similar to the one submitted to the International Civil Aviation Organization. And the ICAO said safety suggestions proposed by the preliminary report include a real-time tracing of commercial airlines by the aviation industry.

The Malaysian minister also said he would go to Australia next week to discuss the new phase of the search for the missing aircraft, which is focussing underwater. He added that the ministerial committees have been working on matters like the cost and assets of the search operation, and who will supply those assets. Meanwhile, the head of the Australian agency leading the search has predicted that the search could drag on for as long as a year. Source: CCTV