Indonesian constitutional confirms Widodo as president

Jakarta – Indonesian Constitutional Court or MK on Thursday handed down its final decision that rejected all the challenges on the result of July’s presidential polls filed by losing presidential candidate, former general Prabowo Subianto, Chairman of the court Hamdan Zoelva announced here.

The panel judges revealed that Prabowo failed to prove its allegation of massive, structural and systemic violation during the polls on July 9, a according to panel judges.

The constitutional court “rejects challenges, all of them, filed by the challenger (Prabowo),” Hamdan said at the court.

The constitution court decision is final and binding.

The newly-elected president, reform-minded Governor of the Indonesian capital 52-year Joko Widodo with running mate Jusuf Kalla are expected to be officially installed on Oct. 20.

The former general Prabowo plans to conduct a press conference on Thursday evening to respond on the court decision.

The 63-year-old Prabowo, defeated candidates in Indonesia’s closest ever presidential election, filed a lawsuit with the Constitutional Court to challenge the official election results on July 25.

The General Elections Commission, locally called KPU, declared Jokowi, the nick name of Joko Widodo, on July 22 the winner in the last month’s presidential election with 53.15 percent of the 133 million votes.

Prabowo pairing with former economic chief minister Hatta Rajasa had dramatically withdrew from the vote-counting process hours before KPU’s announcement, claiming massive, structural and systematic fraud was found.

Separately at the religious ministry in the capital Jakarta, panel judge on Thursday afternoon made a final decision on the trial of ethic of the all officials of the electoral commission in undertaking their tasks during the presidential polls and April’s legislative election.

The court session decided to sack all commissioners of the electoral commission in Dogiyai of Papua, chairman and members of election monitoring body or Bawaslu of Banyuwangi of East Java, and give warning to member of KPU in Halmahera in eastern Indonesia and Jakarta.

Outside the constitutional court, police and soldiers got involved in clashes with some of over 3,000 supporters of Prabowo, who tried to pass the security guard blockade at over 500 meters from the court.

Police spread water cannon and tears gas which dispersed the mass, several people were wounded.

About 52,000 security guards, comprising 22,000 policemen and 30,000 soldiers have been dispatched and on some of them on position of standby to secure the court decision on Thursday.

The security also focus on the electoral commission offices, the house of Jokowi in Solo of Central Java and other places which are vulnerable on the violence. Source: Xinhua